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September 13, 2020
October 11, 2020

All friends and members invited! Afro Peruvian Workshop & Jazz supported by APCCI.

This is Global Jazz at its best-unique, exciting, and bristling with invention. To celebrate the launch of Giorgio Rojas’ new book Cajon Basics we invite you to join us for a performance that begins with a cajon lesson.

This is a unique opportunity to discover Afro-Peruvian music and learn the rhythms that underpin it from a master in the field. Peruvian Australian drummer and percussionist Giorgio Rojas is an acclaimed and talented musician who specialises in Afro-Peruvian music styles. With Peruvian Caribbean Jazz outfit ALLY assisting him they want to share his passion for Peruvian landó, festejo and panolivio with you. This is a hands-on workshop with those attending performing a piece with the ensemble during the evening.

No experience is required. Each band member brings their experience and knowledge to create a convergence of riches. Expect to hear Giorgio Rojas’ Peruvian heritage alongside Jonathan Cohen’s Cuban descargas and Gai Bryant’s densely layered Cuban and Peruvian-influenced jazz cameos. The alchemy resulting from the blend of these elements and people is an exhilarating new twist on landó, panolivio and more. Whilst inspired by the past this music has vitality, energy and a sense of space. There is an organic balance of air pushed through trumpet and saxophones with skin on wood. ‘solos and melodies that make a real statement.’ Mick Pigott Artist Website:

All friends and members invited!

Afro Peruvian Workshop & Jazz supported by APCCI.

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