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This webinar is a continuation of the conversation at our Peru Webinar the end of May regarding the current business environment in Peru, challenges related to the coronavirus pandemic, drivers for innovation and technology uptake, status of the Peruvian mining industry and more

After a period of shutdown, Peruvian miners have slowly started operating but overall production has been hampered by intermittent shutdowns due to COVID-19 infections. This is forcing miners to re-think how they operate and is leading to the accelerated development and deployment of new technologies. This webinar will provide an update on the current state of the market, what challenges are being faced, how the pandemic is shifting the paradigm of how miners operate and where Australian METS can contribute.

TThe webinar will commence with an opening address from Augusto Cauti, Former Vice Minister of Mines.

Following the opening address Rafael Estrada, Manager of Information Technology, Telecommunications and Process Control, Antamina Mining Company will give a presentation on Application of Innovative Technologies to Overcome COVID-19 Challenges

Rafael will then be joined by an expert panel to provide additional on-the-ground insights from Lima and answer your questions.

Expert Panel: Elizabeth Castro, President, APCCI; Emilio Gómez Gutierrez, CEO & Co-Founder, Linkminers ; Valeria Beck, Business Development Manager, Mining & Resources – Lima; Paul Murphy, Manager South America, Mining Plus; Christine Gibbs Stewart, CEO, Austmine - moderator.


2nd Digital Mines: Building Fully Autonomous Mines from Pit to Port.


Digital Mines


Friday 20- 22 April 2021


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Building fully Autonomous mines from pit to port